Draymond Green guarantees there will be a Game 7

Draymond Green guarantees there will be a Game 7

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Draymond Green guarantees there will be a Game 7



Draymond Green is confident the Golden State Warriors will win Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals on Saturday. 

“We’ll be back here for Game 7,” Green told ESPN.com’s Chris Haynes after the Warriors’ 98-94 road loss to the Houston Rockets on Thursday. 

Golden State trails in a postseason series for the first time since losing Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Quite cocky talk from the guy that screwed up game 5 right? One question, has anyone been brutalized more in recent years in the playoffs than Draymond has in this series? Dude has been blocked to the moon, dunked on twice, clowned by Charles Barkley — and dropped a wide open outlet pass just last night to lose game 5.

The only way he can be so confident is if he already knew about the status of Chris Paul’s hamstring. That would be such a Warrior way to win a series, the opposing point guard gets hurt. This was the team Golden State beat their first year because of injuries:

LeBron’s second best player was Timofey Mozgov. I still can’t get over that. Anyway, the Rockets have their foot on the throats of Golden State, it’s their series for the taking if they execute. My only two worries is the status of Chris Paul and James Harden in a game 6. The bright side is that the Rockets still won with Chris Paul being terrible for the first half, and James Harden shot 5/21 from the field (24%). The Rockets shot 13/43 from three point land, shooting 37% from the field overall while the Warriors shot 44%. I’m confident in the Rockets to put the nail in the coffin and end this.

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