Is San Jose heaven?

Is San Jose heaven?

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Is San Jose heaven?


As you may have recently heard that the Sharks have locked up Evander Kane for the next 7 years. His nightmare journey from Atlanta to Winnipeg to Buffalo has delivered him safely to the confines of Silicon Valley, and he isn’t going anywhere.

This is another in a long line of players that start or end up in San Jose and then never want to leave. I make a lot of fun of places on these internet pages, but I’m beginning to think that either the city of San Jose, or the Sharks organization are nigh on infallible To wit, here are some of the immediate examples I can think of players that stayed or are staying in Teal for a long time.

Patrick Marleau
Joe Thornton
Johnathan Cheechoo
Joe Pavelski
Logan Couture
Brent Burns
Marc Edouard Vlasic
Justin Braun

Those are the guys that immediatly come to mind, as I noted. So what is it? Are the Sharks good drafters? Is it just that wonderful an organization? Is the Bay Area so awesome that it’s worth the exorbitant tax rates and high cost of living? Are the Sharks running some kind of cult that deals in some sort of hypnosis?

I’m going to try to talk to some of my superiors about getting funding to head out there. This warrants an investigation.

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