2017-18 Washington Wizards Report Card: Mike Scott

2017-18 Washington Wizards Report Card: Mike Scott


2017-18 Washington Wizards Report Card: Mike Scott


Mike Scott

Height: 6-8

Weight: 237 lbs

Age: 29

NBA Experience: 6 years

Nicknames: The Threegional Manager, Great Scott


By the Numbers:

Games Played: 76

Games Started: 1

Minutes: 18.5

Points: 8.8

Rebounds: 3.3

Assists: 1.1

Steals: 0.3

Blocks: 0.1

Turnovers: 1.0

Field goal shooting: .527

Three-point shooting: .405

Free throw shooting: .658

Net Rating: -2 (109-111)

PER: 13.7


Out of all of the offseason moves that the Washington Wizards last year, only one was a success by signing Mike Scott to a veteran’s minimum $1.7 million contract. At least it was a home run signing as they bought low and received high production. After a disappointing season the prior year with Atlanta that saw him deal with injuries, legal trouble, and eventual waiver, Scott was one of the feel-good stories of the year in D.C.

Season Takeaways

  • Scott did not have as many points or rebounds per game as he did in his second year in the NBA, but he was much more efficient than his early days in Atlanta where he was a pivotal bench piece for the 60-win Hawks in 2014-15. With career-highs in field goal percentage (.527) and three-point percentage (.405), Scott was a lethal offensive threat that could create his own shot whether it be a jumper or getting to the rim with fancy ball handling.
  • In December, Scott had one of the best stretches by any player of the entire season. In 10 games from the 5th to the 23rd, Scott was scoring 14.9 points on 71.6 percent shooting and 51.6 percent from deep to go along with 4.5 rebounds in 21.5 minutes per game. It really seemed like Scott could not miss during this stretch even with the high degree of difficulty on most of his attempts. For a guy that worked his tail off over the summer to lose a ton of weight and get back into basketball shape, it was a perfect case of hard work paying off.
  • The one thing that will keep Scott from becoming a starting caliber player is his slightly below average defense. He is on the shorter size for most power forwards and is also not as quick as most four-men. It is not always a glaring concern because he puts forth the effort, but it is certainly one of his shortcomings.

Grade: A

Although there is some good faith that Washington took a chance on Scott and the power forward enjoyed having hometown friends and family in the area to unwind with, the former Virginia star will likely not be back with the Wizards. If Scott is trying to cash in with a nice contract, which no one would blame him for, then he will be priced out of Washington’s range as they will likely only be able to offer another veteran’s minimum contract or a tax-payer’s mid-level exception.


The Best of Mike Scott Off The Court


The Best of Mike Scott On The Court

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