Creative Team Names for Walking and Running

Creative Team Names for Walking and Running


Creative Team Names for Walking and Running


Running teams, as well as clubs, are becoming more and more popular. And as a matter of fact, some of these clubs and teams use their team name as a passage to show off some of their personalities.

However, whether you are making a team to get ready for a full marathon, half-marathon, racking with a bike for men, or 5K, we have got you covered. Because in this content, we will list some running team name ideas. Even so, this list of team names is a combination of clever, crazy, and funny names.

On the other hand, aside from the running team names, we have also listed some creative team names for walking so that you will be able to come with the best team name.

But before that, let us first find out why team names are important.

Why Giving Your Team A Name is Important?

When it comes to creating a team there are lots of things to consider. From the combination of qualities to establishing functions and tasks. As a matter of fact, building a team is a process that needs precaution and planning.

On the other hand, there’s one element that may look like nothing, but the truth is, it is really important, give your team a name.

However, when it comes to making an engaging and effective team name there are also several things to consider. Actually, a team name has a great impact on your team as well as the other teams around you. A team name, on the other hand, can do a lot of things such as:

  • It makes the first impression
  • Provide your team a decent identity
  • Helps in team bonding
  • Makes a friendly competition
  • Help every team member to become accountable  

Now that you already why team names are important, let us now see the different funny, clever, and creative team names for walking and running where you can choose from.

Best Running Team Name Ideas

Looking for the best running team? Check out this list and choose the perfect name that suits your team.


  • Legs Miserables


Is your team a fan of Les Miserables? If so, then this team name is for you.


  • Sole sisters


This team name is perfect for a girl group who loves shoes and running


  • Happy Feet


This running team name is a bit common but still, it’s worth considering.


  • Sole Mates


It sounds like a bit romantic but it shouldn’t be. But, if your team consists of couples then go for this romantic team name.    


  • Weekend Runaways


This team name is ideal for running groups or clubs who prefer to run during weekends


  • Been there, Run That


This name is based on the famous saying been there, done that


  • Barefoot Freaks


As the name suggests, this team name is ideal for runners who prefer to run without wearing any footwear.


  • The Running Dead


Based on the movie The Walking Dead. Even so, if your team is not only sports enthusiast but loves The Walking Dead as well, then The Running Dead is a perfect pick.

Other Running Team Names

  • Fo Shoe
  • Time Heels All Wounds
  • Lucky Runners
  • Scrambled Legs
  • Road Hogs
  • Pacemakers
  • Running Rebels
  • Relay Racers

Creative Team Names for Walking

Looking for the best walking team? Check out this list and choose the perfect name that suits your team.


  • The Walkaholics


This team name is ideal for workaholic individuals who love walking during their free time.

  • Gator Bait

This name is perfect for a team that is in the natural region

  • Soleful Strutters

An absolutely attractive walking team name

  • Coast Busters

This is ideal for walking team who loves walking on the coast.

Other Walking Team Names

  • Lost in Pace
  • Pedestrian Punks
  • The Walkie Talkies
  • Walk this Way
  • Walk Away
  • Flying Feet
  • Footloose
  • Walking Heart
  • Road Runners
  • The Walkers


There you have it the list of walking and running team names where you can choose from.

Either way, a fun run, marathon, or even a charity walk is definitely a great team building. But nevertheless, having the best team will surely make it extra special.    

Hopefully, you will be able to find the best team name that will bring your team together from the list of team names mentioned above.

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