Ty Lue: Rodney Hood will be given 'a chance' in Game 3

Ty Lue: Rodney Hood will be given 'a chance' in Game 3


Ty Lue: Rodney Hood will be given 'a chance' in Game 3


Down 2-0 in the Finals, it is now time for Ty Lue and the Cavs to make serious adjustments or their season will be done in a week. With Jordan Clarkson struggling mightily, and JR Smith not contributing, the time is now to edit the backcourt rotation. According to Cavs coach Ty Lue, it may be time to add Rodney Hood into the mix.

Rodney Hood, according to coach Tyronn Lue, will see the floor during Wednesday’s Game 3 against the Warriors, Keith Britton of 92.3 The Fan reports. “We’re gonna give Rodney a chance, see how he does. We’ll see,” said Lue.

Hood has struggled a lot since coming to the Cavaliers, even more in the playoffs. Hood is shooting 11.8% from three point range in the playoffs adding 4.9 points per game and only 40% from the field. In the past, Ty Lue has made key adjustments prior to important games — especially in these playoffs. With JR Smith and Clarkson not improving, and Kyle Korver being a liability on defense — this move is needed.

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