Choosing A Golf Club As A High Handicap Player

Choosing A Golf Club As A High Handicap Player


Choosing A Golf Club As A High Handicap Player


Are you high handicap golfer? If you are, chances are you do not have a good idea about the type of club you should use. At Snainton Golf, our specialty is golf equipment for golfers of different skill levels and handicap, and have a number of great clubs for players with a high handicap.

One thing we’ve noticed over the last year is that the number of players with high handicap testing different golfing clubs has increased as more manufacturers continue to test out new titanium, graphite, steel, and aluminum combinations.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing a golf club for high handicap players. The first thing to consider when choosing a club is its shaft stiffness.

Shaft Stiffness

Irrespective of the material a club is made of, a golfer with a high handicap should have a good idea of how the shaft stiffness rating system works. This is vital as it defines the kind of material that best suits your swing style and could dramatically improve your game. Here is a rundown of club shaft ratings:

Extra Stiff or X: Clubs with this shaft rating are best for golfers who hit 300-yard drives regularly and for swing speeds exceeding 105mph

Stiff or S: Clubs with this shaft rating are best for low handicap players and for swing speeds ranging from 90 to 105mph

Regular or R: Clubs with this shaft rating are popular amongst high handicap players and for swing speeds ranging from 80 to 95mph

Senior or S: Clubs with this shaft rating are best for golfers slowing because of age and for swing speeds of 70 to 85mph

Ladies or L: Clubs with this shaft rating are best for non-professional players and are for swing speeds below 70mph

If you still don’t know your swing speed, chances are your local golf equipment store will help you measure your swing speed. We suggest that you take advantage of this opportunity as it’ll help you understand your game better, making it easier for you to choose a club that is perfect for your specific playing style.


Most modern golf clubs are made using titanium, steel, graphite, aluminum, or a combination of these. All of these materials have their benefits, while a blend of multiple materials – often referred to as hybrid clubs – can create a more solid, all-rounded club for various skill levels. Understanding your swing speed will make it easier for you to determine the shaft stiffness that suits you and that will determine the material.

Steel-shaft clubs are generally less flexible compared to graphite shafts, making them the most suitable clubs for players looking to improve their accuracy. Graphite shafts, on the other hand, are more flexible and are mostly favored by players who value distance. However, this material requires someone with good control of side to side trajectory.

Titanium shafts are mostly reserved for fairway woods and drivers. These clubs are generally lighter, and are, therefore, perfect for players with a lower handicap. For players with a high handicap, aluminum woods are highly recommended if they have slow swing speeds. The lighter a club head, the greater its head speed and this results in greater fairway and tee drives.

Five Tips To Consider When Choosing A Dependable Club

Get a steel shaft for more accuracy as they aren’t as flexible as graphite shafts

Get a graphite shaft for distance as they are more flexible

Get a steel fairway wood if flight control is important to you

Get an aluminum woods club if your swings are slow

Get a cavity back iron for greater ball control, these style are the most forgiving irons.

Buying a Golf Club

When buying golf clubs, there is no better place to shop for what you need than online. You can research and test different golf clubs at the local golf store, but remember that these stores will ultimately try and have you purchase a product that will maximize their profits.

If you come across a golf club that meets your needs in a store, take the time to search for and consider user reviewers online. This way, you should get a good idea of how the club will perform over time. Doing so will also allow you to compare prices and to discover other golf clubs made using the same materials allowing you to compare the different options available.


Understanding the shaft stiffness of a club and how you play is crucial in choosing a golf club that suits you as a high handicap golf player. It also plays a crucial role when it comes to improving your game and widening your skills. With the right golf club, you may end up feeling like you could take on Rory Mcllroy and Tiger Woods.

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