Will online casino games follow legalised sports betting?

Will online casino games follow legalised sports betting?


Will online casino games follow legalised sports betting?


It seems that the repeal of PASPA is the hot news for the sports betting industry, but could this have a wider reach? But, could sports betting be launched in more casinos such as www.666casino.com only time will tell. While we would enjoy being able to place bets on our favourite sports, we could also see ourselves using online casino games, but is this a likely scenario? We’ll answer these questions and more in our article.

The Initial Effects of the PASPA Repeal

The PASPA repeal will have a serious impact, but this isn’t going to be an overnight process at all. This will have to be taken on a state by state basis, as they each decide what they will do with the freedom that this repeal has had. This has the potential to legalise gambling of all descriptions in every state, but it’s not a sure thing.

This will mean that there’s a lengthy process for each of these states to go through, without a guarantee at the end of that process. This is just for sports betting too, as some states won’t tackle the impact of casino betting until much later down the line. This will be a source of some frustration for potential players as they will want to get started with these games as soon as possible.

With these different things to consider, it will likely take lawmakers a lot of time and money to consider these possibility. This is a hefty burden for the US government to bear, so some states may not actually consider working towards this. With months of debates and citizen appeals, this could take a lot from their budget.

In more conservative states, this may not even pass for sports betting, never mind casino gambling. Popular casino operators in the UK and beyond are watching this market carefully, as they want to get in on the ground floor with this. For these reasons, they may have quite a while to wait!

Further Acceptance of Gambling

To some, sports and casino betting has had a bit of a stigma around it. This has massively impacted the legalisation of this pursuit in certain states, as it’s seen as an immoral activity. We also see many people avoiding online gambling because they believe that there are a lot of scams in the industry. Finally, the issue of addiction is a tricky one to tackle too.

In other territories, like the UK and Europe, a lot has been done to mitigate these risks. The gambling industry there is taking on a more transparent role, as they attempt to strike a balance between making gambling appealing and tempting those with gambling issues. This has created an interesting dichotomy, in which gambling operators encourage responsible play.

They have also become incredibly strict on companies that mislead their players or create promotions that aren’t accurate. This has given the gambling industry a much better public perception in these countries and it’s possible this could happen in the US too.

Benefits of Online Casinos in the US

While we might seem a bit doom and gloom on the situation, there are a lot of benefits that would come from this legalisation. The biggest one for the government would be the taxation of these profits. This can be a massive pull for a government to action the legalisation, although a lot of resources have to be spent initially.

With other governments raking in a lot of cash from these, this is a lucrative industry to get in on. They can tax winnings, wagers and even bonuses to generate more income. In other countries, this amounts to billions of dollars, which can then be used for the policing and support that the industry requires.

The industry itself could end up employing a lot of people. In states in which this is already legal, there’s a booming industry, employing citizens and contributing to the economy. If this was rolled out in more states, we may see more of these opportunities being created. With everything from support to development needed, there are certainly many opportunities for citizens.

With fantasy sports and other versions of sports betting, we can see that the market is very much there for Americans. They want to be able to access these sites, just the same as most of the rest of the world can. If enough of these engaged users speak out, we’ll be much more likely to see this come to fruition.

Whether this will then lead to the legalisation of the casino side is yet to be seen, though there are obvious benefits to doing so. This does seem to be a potential route for the government and state legislators to go down, though in some states it may be more difficult than others. Only time will tell if this could be a potential money spinner for the government or not.

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