TLM Podcast: 2018 NBA Muck Draft

TLM Podcast: 2018 NBA Muck Draft


TLM Podcast: 2018 NBA Muck Draft


The excitement of last summer’s NBA Draft may be tough to live up to. But it’s safe to say we’re in for our fair share of surprises.

DeAndre Ayton is the heavy favorite to go first overall, roughly 1/5 (83.3 percent chance), per My Top Sportsbooks. Ayton himself has the odds at 100 percent. What happens at two is more unpredictable. Luka Doncic is widely regarded as a top prospect, but rumors suggest that he doesn’t want to play for the Kings. We’d make him only a slight 3/2 (40 percent) favorite over Marvin Bagley at 2/1 (33 percent). If you are pondering where to wager such bets, these top betting sites have you covered from the NBA draft to NBA 2018/19 futures, all of which are well-reviewed for the full user experience.
Continuing toward the outer edge of the unpredictability spectrum, Trae Young could reasonably go anywhere from fourth to 10th, and My Top Sportsbooks put their over/under smack in the middle at 7.5. The odds are a little more optimistic about Michael Porter Jr. despite injury concerns, setting his O/U at 5.5. It’s perhaps a bit more likely he goes sixth or later, but there’s a real chance the former number-one prospect in this class goes in the top five. At 6-11, his potential to be a dynamic, Kevin Durant-esque scorer may separate him from more traditional bigs in this class, and Atlanta, Memphis, and Dallas are all starved for such a player.
But you can throw away all the odds for this podcast, in which myself, Josh Cornelissen and Ilia Shatashvili take turns selecting the top 15 picks — as if we are running each of the respective franchises. So no, the title of the article is not a typo. Not at all. Rest assured, there will be takes of all types: some cold, others lukewarm, perhaps a few scalding, and everything in between. There you have it: brace yourselves, and thank you for listening.
Intro: (0:00-1:00)
Phoenix Suns (1:00)
Sacramento Kings (8:00)
Atlanta Hawks (16:00)
Memphis Grizzlies (22:00)
Dallas Mavericks (29:00)
Orlando Magic (36:00)
Chicago Bulls (40:40)
Cleveland Cavaliers (45:45)
New York Knicks (50:00)
Philadelphia 76ers (52:35)
Charlotte Hornets (57:00)
L.A. Clippers (1:03:10)
Denver Nuggets (1:13:30)
Washington Wizards (1:18:30)
Parting Thoughts (1:26:30)

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