Eagles adjust from the underdog to being the hunted...

Eagles adjust from the underdog to being the hunted...


Eagles adjust from the underdog to being the hunted...


Coach Doug has been saying it all along: “Flip the script”…

This ain’t no disco, this ain’t no party in 2018.

They comin’ to get us!

I had a little taste of this “hunted” feeling this week. Wifey wants to prepare a future retirement home near Rehoboth in Delaware. Fine, I said, as long as we can get Eagles games on local Comcast TV transmission.

Naturally I want to delay the transition as long as possible. George Carlin used to do a bit on “stuff”. The only reason we acquire a house is to have someplace to put our “stuff”.

I kinda like the idea of never having to move my “stuff” again.

But no, wifey says she wants a new house. She wants it to be “our new house”, so she can escape the stigma of having settled for arranging her “stuff” in an older house which I inherited from a previous marriage.

Ugh. She wants to “flip the script”.

So in the spirit of Coach Doug, I reluctantly agree to the plan to create a new version of the “team”.

But what I didn’t anticipate is the fury and the accelerated pace of what moving to Rehoboth would entail.

Looking at potential new houses in Delaware, I was shocked by the change of pace in daily traffic and commerce. People are out to run you over on Delaware highways! I’m used to a two-lane country road in Conowingo, Maryland—in Delaware, it’s like the Daytona 500 on a four-lane highway every day of the week!

At least the people trying to kill you at such a pace are Eagles fans!

Still, it’s a culture shock I wasn’t prepared for.

That’s the analogy I’m drawing for the upcoming 2018 Eagles season. Teams with no shot at winning a playoff spot on paper are going to target us like we represent their mini-Super Bowl game.

We ain’t sneaking up on nobody this year.

Underdogs? Nevermore. We best assume the characteristics of the African Honey Badger, who often kills his larger rivals by ripping off their testicles.

I don’t know anything about the new improved talent level of the 2018 Eagles. I (like you) assume the team is deeper and more experienced in talent than the 2017 group.

But until they’re stuck at a fast-changing traffic light on Route 9 West in Rehoboth, with minivans merging into their lane at 60 MPH with the intent of beating the light, they (and we) don’t know for sure how they will truly respond to the crazy new challenges.

It’s one thing to be a nice group of talented players who like each other a lot. But Doug better stay on message on flipping the script. It can’t be about having fun this year—it better be about wreaking havoc, and finding their inner Honey Badger.


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