Your Morning Dump... Where we welcome Robert Williams to the "Three Sticks" club

Your Morning Dump... Where we welcome Robert Williams to the "Three Sticks" club


Your Morning Dump... Where we welcome Robert Williams to the "Three Sticks" club


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big story line. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Williams never even worked out individually for the Celtics. It would have seemed like a waste of everyone’s time. Williams figured to be long gone by 27. Not since Paul Pierce was surprisingly still on the board at No. 10 in 1998 has a draft broken so fortunately for the Celtics.

Williams would have have been the type player Boston might have surrendered future draft picks or even a player to move up to get. Instead the Celtics got a potential valuable piece and their young players are still on the roster and those coveted picks are still in the cupboard. If Williams evolves, his peak figures to coincide with those of Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier.


Okay, I don’t know anything at all about evaluating college basketball talent.

And that’s why I’m happy to announce that I’ve been hired by the Sacramento Kings to head their scouting department!!

Seriously, though, I am going to have to go with outside sources on this dude. Like, why did he end up falling to 27?

Williams offers untapped ability, but there are questions surrounding his consistency and motor.

Not as involved in the game as he should be. Doesn’t get as many easy baskets as he could.

Questions linger about his consistency and desire to improve. Began the season on suspension for violating team rules.


So this Robert Williams III guy looks like what we in the scouting business call “a flyer.” He definitely has the “third-of-his-name” thing going for him which we all know is one of the secrets of Rozier’s success.

However, if there were nearly league-wide concerns about his attitude/motivation, and the Celtics drafted him without spending any quality time with him, then this pick very much appears to be the draft equivalent of one of these:

See the source image

Which is ironic, seeing how he was not a lottery pick. Rather, he’s a low-risk, possible high-return gamble by a team that could always use another young star (because, I mean, who couldn’t?), but which does not have a pressing need in any area.

Everything depends on how Williams adapts to the NBA. I don’t know enough about Billy Kennedy’s coaching style to say what role he may or may not have played in Williams’ development (or lack thereof), so I’m going to firmly stake out both sides of this argument. If Williams turns out to be pretty amazing, well, that wouldn’t surprise me because he’s got the ‘tools’, but if he ends up being tall James Young, well, there are apparently indicators that could be the case as well.

Page 2: Where Terry Rozier got Ainge to tip his hand.

Fortunately for Rozier, the Celtics were already on the clock and the pick was announced shortly afterward.

Still, it seems a sure bet that Rozier’s gotten his last bit of confidential info from Ainge.

Finally: The Riffsman called the Robert Williams pick

It really is the year of the Riff.

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