Tired of the Eagles offseason BS already...

Tired of the Eagles offseason BS already...


Tired of the Eagles offseason BS already...


One more puff story about Australian prospect Jordan Mailata and I will puke…the guy has as much chance of becoming an NFL offensive lineman this year (or ever) as you and I have to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese fluently in four weeks.

Oh, they gave Jon Dorenbos a SB Ring. That’s nice. Why wouldn’t they? That’s not news. A real news story would be if they didn’t give Dorenbos a ring.

Tired of all the hub-bub over Ronald Darby’s friendship with that weirdo Jameis Winston, too. So Darby lied to protect his college buddy? Big deal. Happens all the time. The alleged groping of a female Uber driver by a drunken Winston happened almost two years ago anyway. No police report or charges were ever filed by the driver. Darby claims he was the third person in the car and nothing happened. Is Darby mixed up about the Uber rides he shared with Winston that night, or is he lying? I don’t really care anymore. Move on, stop being stupid, Ron, and get your life’s priorities straight.

Meanwhile ESPN Insider is trying to create an Eagles controversy about RB Jay Ajayi. Oh, claims the Insider, Jay will not be happy about sharing a committee workload in 2018. He wants to be the GUY, the bell cow, the Big Kahuna.

To which I reply Bullshit. Ajayi will gladly accept a role which pays him well and helps to keep him healthy for 16 games.

Ajayi averaged nearly six yards per carry in seven regular-season games for the Eagles last season. Even with that success, Pederson chose to stick with a rotation that included Corey Clement and LeGarrette Blount, who signed with the Detroit Lions in free agency this offseason.

Do you really think Jay is so stupid that he thinks he’s taking rotational reps away from Clement, Sproles, Matt Jones and Josh Adams?

Please, regular season, get here as fast as you can. All this fake Eagles news is getting old.


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