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The Twins might just have something in Jose Berrios

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I think its important this season to reflect on the good things that are going on. Not because I think the Twins are terrible and because I think we need to look to the Brightside, but rather to remember that the Twins are still on the upward slope of a franchise cycle. Despite an aberration last year, this is still a team trying to figure out the building blocks for their next run at the top.

Yesterday’s schooling of the Texas Rangers by Jose Berrios was the best outing of his career, but is less an aberration than the continuation of a trend. Berrios has improved in nearly every statistic, K-Rate has gone up, BB rate has gone down, and his results have improved by 3/4ths of a run, according to his ERA

If Berrios has had any regression, it is in his home run rate, which has gone up a hair, and even that should come back down a little bit, as his HR/FB is about 2% higher than his career numbers. There aren’t any reasons for this to be happening, except bad luck. That number will come down a bit too. It’s possible Berrios is better than what we’ve seen.

The toughest part about the Twins’ most recent stretch of mediocrity is that the Indians have started to take off. We’re not to the halfway point of this season yet, so it’s too early to call this season a dud, but more importantly, we’re not to the halfway point of the Twins’ present cycle, either.

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