How To Survive Your College Years As a Busy Athlete

How To Survive Your College Years As a Busy Athlete


How To Survive Your College Years As a Busy Athlete


As a college athlete, one of your most significant concerns is likely to be how you’re going to survive four years in college, pass all your classes, and graduate. Your athletics schedule is probably already putting a dent in both school and social time, and it’s just going to get harder from here.

Today, we would like to share with you some great advice on how to manage and organize your time to maximize your success. We will also be offering a few helpful tips on how to get specialized help with academics if and when you need it.

#1 – Get Organized Early On

As soon as they are in your possession, read through each syllabus thoroughly, checking especially carefully for critical due dates. Essays, term papers, and special projects need to be planned out well in advance since they often require the most time to complete. It is beneficial to have an agenda where you physically write this information down on a calendar. Do not rely on your phone for this – the data will get lost in the shuffle.

Review your calendar every day and highlight your due dates so you notice them and can find them again quickly. Look at least two weeks ahead and plan out the time you will need to complete each assignment. With that kind of timeline, you should be able to schedule your work around practices, games, workouts, road trips, etc.

#2 – Attend All Your Classes Regularly

It may seem like a no-brainer (it’s even a requirement for some schools to remain on a sports team), but when life starts getting hectic, this is sometimes the first thing to get neglected. Resist the urge to cut if you don’t need to. Being in class and staying current on the subject matter can make getting those papers and projects done that much easier.

Showing your face in class also makes it easier for a professor to take you seriously if you start falling behind and need help. You won’t get much sympathy from a prof who doesn’t recognize you because you’re never in class. You will, however, find that most professors like helping students who show a genuine interest in succeeding. Don’t perpetuate the “dumb jock” stereotype. Your primary reason for being in school is to learn to take your academic responsibilities seriously.

#3 – Ask For Help If You Need It

As we mentioned, your professors will usually be glad to work with you if you’re struggling, but that is far from the only avenue of help that exists for you. Study groups are a great way to gain a better understanding of a subject. They also offer a valuable social outlet since study groups are also less formal than classes. You can learn and have fun, and probably even meet some new people at the same time.

In a pinch, you can also get more in-depth help with your writing assignments. While it is always best to do all your work your self, there are avenues of support that can assist you with formatting, revising, editing or even writing a paper for you from scratch. An excellent essay writing service can do all of that and teach you how to fly solo on your next writing assignment at the same time.

#4 – Revise Your Strategy

About halfway through the semester, you should inventory the work you’ve completed, the scores you’ve received on tests and quizzes, and what you still have left to do before finals. Polish off all the work you can participate in classes that you find comfortable or in which you are doing particularly well. That will leave you more time to focus in on the problem areas.

If you choose to work with a professional writer, writing coach or are tapping any other academic supports, and you cannot procrastinate. Seek out the help you need as early as possible to ensure that all work gets delivered on time. You want your head entirely in the game when it’s time to play; that’s hard to accomplish when you’re worried about your grades.

Final Takeaway

While you can’t make the coursework easier, you can often get it done faster and meet every deadline in your syllabus with just a little determination. A willingness to stay ahead of the game and seek out help in areas where you struggle academically will also go a long way toward elevating your grades and keeping you on the team(s) you love.

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