How To Pick A Good Ping Pong Table

How To Pick A Good Ping Pong Table


How To Pick A Good Ping Pong Table


Ping pong is a highly entertaining game which enhances the competitiveness and takes enthusiasm of the players to the next level. People not only opt to this game for the sake of playing but also for getting an active lifestyle. Moreover, you can make memories with friends and family members by playing this amazing energy driving game.

However, for playing ping pong, you need to get equipped with every essential accessory. Having paddles and balls don’t suffice until you don’t have a feasible ping pong table. Getting a ping pong table could become complicated if you don’t know what points need more consideration and what can be ignored.

So, here we have come up with specific points which require much heed before you splurge on a ping pong table.

Is it portable?

It is not necessary that you would always play at one place. Changing the playing area now and then requires a table which is portable and easy to handle. The tables which are easily foldable and can be managed by one person alone secure maximum points here.

Many tables consist of rollers at the base. They assist in moving it with much ease. Also, they comprise brakes on the wheels that secure the table perfectly and make it stable at one particular place. However, if you are going to set up the table permanently, this point can be ignored.

What is the thickness?

Thickness corresponds to the bouncing of the ball over the table top. While some people prefer getting the table with 1-inch thickness, some are okay with the table having the thickness of 0.75 inches. However, it is believed that tables with 1-inch thickness give nice and even bounce.

Those who are preparing for a tournament should blindly go for a table with 1-inch thickness. It would help them not getting confused on the final day with the bouncing of the ball. Otherwise, a 0.75-inch thick table would suffice.

Are the legs of proper size?

Strong legs with great stability ensure that table will remain fixed in one place no matter how harsh you are playing. A ping pong table gets a lot of thrashing and beating once it enters the arena. Legs which are not strong become unstable which affects the whole game.

Other than the sturdiness, it is also important to watch the leg levelers on the bottom of the legs. It becomes more important to pay attention if the floor where you are going to play is not leveled correctly. Levelers here will play a significant role.

What about top leveling?

Table tops which are warped need special mention here. You need to keep an eye on any warping or bending on the table top. The best way to identify warping is putting your eye at the table height and look for the bending. This needs to be done from all the four sides of the table. Any bending at any point of the table affects the bounce of the ball and hampers the smooth flow of the game.

Therefore looking at the table surface is an essential practice to perform before making the buying decision. Check out the detail guideline here

The net and the attachments

A net that consists of attachments with soft covering retain the smoothness of the table. It didn’t cause any scratches over the table top. Moreover, the clamps that bind the net also need special heed. Ensure that they don’t dig into the surface or the underside of the table.

Conclusion: Ping pong is a great game which is not only feasible to play inside but outside as well. This is the reason why splurging on your own table is a great idea. While you pick one for yourself, make sure that you get it from a reliable brand.

If you are getting the table for the first time and are not fluent in the game, getting the table from the lower end of the market is feasible. Beat the hell out of the table until you gain mastery in the game. However, if you later get serious and want to participate in competitions, replacing the old table with a new one equipped with all the above features will fetch fruitful results.

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