New United States Champion Crowned At 'Extreme Rules'

New United States Champion Crowned At 'Extreme Rules'

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New United States Champion Crowned At 'Extreme Rules'


Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Jeff Hardy to become the new WWE United States champion at Extreme Rules on July 15. However his win did not come after a lengthy, hard fought match. Nakamura took the easy way out, delivering one of his infamous low-blows to Hardy.

Nakamura then hit the Kinshasa and pinned Jeff Hardy. Hardy never had a chance. Shinsuke hoisted his newly won championship high above his head as the shocked crowd sat in disbelief. But the surprises did not stop there.

Randy Orton’s music hit just as Nakamura was celebrating his title victory. The Viper came down to the ring, stared at Shinsuke, then turned his attention to Jeff. Orton stomped Jeff between the legs and left the former champ writhing in pain. Orton then left the ring, leaving a stunned Nakamura behind.

There was barely time to register the importance of the non-match. This is Shinsuke’s first championship in WWE. Many felt he should have defeated AJ Styles for the WWE title during their feud but it was not meant to be. The man that was once on top of New Japan Pro Wrestling finally has gold in Vince McMahon’s company.

But Orton’s appearance does cast a shadow over the event. Randy’s character could never be trusted of course, as he has always been a much better heel than babyface during his WWE career.

Randy is now left to enjoy his new heel turn and Nakamura is set to reign as the new United States champion. Jeff Hardy’s fate is unknown as it could very well be he’s injured, which would explain the events at Extreme Rules.

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