Paul Heyman Confirms Brock Lesnar For WWE 'SummerSlam'

Paul Heyman Confirms Brock Lesnar For WWE 'SummerSlam'

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Paul Heyman Confirms Brock Lesnar For WWE 'SummerSlam'


Kurt Angle kicked off the July 16 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw and demanded Brock Lesnar show himself. The Raw General Manager decreed at Extreme Rules that the Universal champion appear on Raw, decide who he would face at SummerSlam, or he would be stripped of his title. But instead of Lesnar, Angle got his advocate, Paul Heyman.

Heyman spoke in his usual arrogant tone, until Angle’s frustration became apparent. Kurt was seemingly moments away from taking the Universal Championship away from The Beast Incarnate, when Heyman stopped him.

According to Heyman, Brock does enjoy being in WWE. This did not go over that well with the crowd or likely anyone at home, due to Lesnar’s inactivity over the past several months. Paul assured Angle that Brock would defend his title and that match will indeed happen at SummerSlam.

Finally the company has confirmed that Brock will return to the fold. Many are surely wondering why it took this long while others are probably happy that the Universal Championship is returning once again. WWE wasted no time with this announcement, as the ring filled up with six Superstars vying for a title shot.

Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre and Elias all want the opportunity to dethrone Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Angle booked two Triple Threat Matches on Raw to determine who will compete against Lesnar at the big event on August 19.

Reigns is perhaps the fans’ least favorite to challenge Lesnar, as the two have feuded for quite some time. Rollins, Balor and Lashley are all great options while it may be a bit soon for McIntyre and Elias. Despite who is chosen to face Lesnar, at least Raw’s top title is finally coming back home.

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