News Of Pro Wrestling Legend Brickhouse Brown's Death Incorrect?

News Of Pro Wrestling Legend Brickhouse Brown's Death Incorrect?

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News Of Pro Wrestling Legend Brickhouse Brown's Death Incorrect?


Much of the continued success that pro wrestling companies enjoy today is thanks in no small part to the work of the men and women that came before. Indeed, pro wrestling is a business in which the efforts of past stars allowed the industry to move forward, as their contributions paved the way for others to follow.

One of those past stars is Brickhouse Brown. Recent online reports stated  that the 57 year old Brown had unfortunately passed away from cancer but now that news is apparently not true.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Brown is still alive. Fellow wrestling legend and Cauliflower Alley President B. Brian Blair says that Brown is indeed alive even though Brown’s family believed he was gone. Brown supposedly woke up ate a bigger meal than he had in the two weeks prior.

Brickhouse Brown began his pro wrestling career in 1982 at the age of 22. Brown worked for Joe Blanchard in Southwest Championship Wrestling before moving to the NWA in 1983.

But Brown’s claim to fame was in 1987 when he debuted in the red-hot Memphis territory. Brown feuded with Jerry The King Lawler, Maxx Payne and Robert Fuller’s Stud Stable. He won various different titles in the area, including the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship and the CWA Heavyweight Championship.

The AWA belt came as a result of cross-promotion between the CWA, AWA and World Class Championship Wrestling. Brown went on to become the WCCW Texas heavyweight champion in 1989 and also won championships in the newly formed USWA.

Brickhouse Brown worked for a brief time in WWE before leaving the USWA in 1997. His nearly 35 year career ended when he retired in 2017 following his cancer diagnosis.

Brown is considered by many to be one of the best headliners that Memphis wrestling had ever known. He was great on the mic and could work with anyone on the roster. Though his success came mainly in the southern territories, Brown remains a legend for those that saw him and those that continue to respect his work to this day.

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