Kevin Durant praises LeBron James for signing with Lakers

LeBron James, Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant praises LeBron James for signing with Lakers


Kevin Durant praises LeBron James for signing with Lakers


It has been just over three weeks since LeBron James made the decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency on a four-year, $153 million.

There has been plenty of reaction around the league regarding the move from many of his peers. Among those is All-Star forward Kevin Durant, who recently voiced in an interview with Marc J. Spears of ESPN that he “loved” the move that James has made to play for the Lakers.

“I loved it, absolutely loved it. I thought it was the perfect decision, perfect move. He did everything he was supposed to do in Cleveland. I think this is a perfect next step for him.

“He’s kind of breaking down the barriers of what an NBA superstar is supposed to be. You feel like you’re supposed to play it in one spot. I think he did a good job of giving you different chapters, and it will make his book even more interesting when its done.”

The 33-year-old’s decision to join Los Angeles has put the franchise back on the map in terms of relevancy in the league. This is something that the franchise had struggled to achieve over the last five years missing the playoffs in each campaign. He is set to lead one of the league’s most historic franchises and biggest brands in all of professional sports.

It now puts them in position to compete at least four times a season against the Warriors where both James and Durant will be the center focus of the matchups. Over the years, the two have developed a strong relationship on and off the court, which doesn’t make it surprising that he is supportive of the four-time league MVP.

Nonetheless, this has brought a significant amount of buzz and excitement ahead of the 2018-19 season in what will be even more daunting Western Conference.

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