Latest On CM Punk Possibly Competing On The 'G1 Supercard' At MSG

Latest On CM Punk Possibly Competing On The 'G1 Supercard' At MSG

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Latest On CM Punk Possibly Competing On The 'G1 Supercard' At MSG


CM Punk is one of the most polarizing figures in recent WWE history. The Second City Saint may have left the business behind but he has remained in the headlines in the years since thanks to his foray into Mixed Martial Arts. But Punk is also in the headlines thanks to the sport that made him a star.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Ring of Honor is actively trying to book Punk for the G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden in 2019. However those efforts seem to be in vain because Punk appears to be adamant that he is not going to wrestle again.

Punk has been true to his word since leaving WWE in 2014. He walked away from the biggest pro wrestling company in the world because he was injured, frustrated and exhausted. Though many fans at the time were upset that he seemingly turned his back on them, a certain level of understanding eventually developed.

That understanding came following Punk’s appearance on Colt Cabana’s The Art of Wrestling Podcast, when Punk told his story. Fans listened as Punk gave backstage details surrounding the events that led to his departure from WWE. One of those events was his ongoing physical issues.

Punk was indeed hurt and felt that WWE Doctor Christopher Amann did not do enough to help him during that time. Punk’s disgust over what happened was magnified when he received his termination via FedEx on his wedding day. The fact that WWE Superstars are listed as Independent Contractors, which means Punk could technically leave whenever he wanted, did not seem to make a difference.

The podcast brought on the lawsuit from Amann but the trial ended in Punk and Cabana’s favor. CM Punk was often questioned after the trial ended as to his pro wrestling status but he insisted he does not want to wrestle again.

It’s unknown if Punk will continue his MMA training and no more fights have been announced thus far. The G1 Supercard is indeed a huge event for pro wrestling and would go a long way to reestablishing Punk’s goodwill with the fans that supported him for so long. But right now it appears Punk indeed has no desire to wrestle again.

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