WWE Legend Brickhouse Brown Passes Away At 57

WWE Legend Brickhouse Brown Passes Away At 57

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WWE Legend Brickhouse Brown Passes Away At 57


The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE legend Brickhouse Brown has passed away at the age of 57. Brown was battling cancer in a Mississippi hospice when he died.

It was initially reported that Brown, real name Frederick Seawright, had passed away on July 20 and that the coroner was even called in. But he miraculously woke up, much to the surprise of his mother.

Brown began his pro wrestling career in 1982 in Texas and was trained by the legendary Terry Funk. But Brown’s most famous run came later in the Mid-South territory, where he was a top babyface.

Brown was brought in by Cowboy Bob Orton in hopes of replacing the massively popular Junkyard Dog, who had previously left for WWE. Brickhouse was a good worker, very proficient on the mic and did everything he could to entertain the fans.

Brown’s legacy is that of a tough and scrappy fighter that was never the biggest guy in the room but never needed to be. He was a star in a region that thrived on working class wrestlers that fans could relate to. Brown was a perfect fit in that regard. Brown worked in WWE in 1995, where he faced Triple H among others.

Brown was good friends with former WWE Superstar Brian Blair, who is also the President of the famed Cauliflower Alley Club. The organization reportedly helped with Brown’s medical expenses leading up to his death.

The Floor Seat extends our thoughts and prayers to Brown’s family and friends.

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