Michael Beasley likens Lonzo Ball to NBA superstar

Lonzo Ball, Lakers

Michael Beasley likens Lonzo Ball to NBA superstar


Michael Beasley likens Lonzo Ball to NBA superstar


Outside of the homerun signing of LeBron James, the Lakers made a lot of small moves to add to their core — like signing Michael Beasley. Players like Beasley, and Rajon Rondo will have to mentor the young players like Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, and Josh Hart among others.

Despite not playing a game for the Lakers yet, Beasley is a big fan of Lonzo Ball — and compares Ball to Russell Westbrook according to what he told Leo Sepkowitz of Bleacher Report.

“I’m a big Lonzo fan. I don’t understand how Lonzo gets so much criticism, averaging almost 11 points, seven rebounds, seven assists, a steal and a block per game. Granted, his percentages were low, but you all think Russell Westbrook can shoot, and he’s got the same three-point percentage. (Ed: Lonzo’s was a tick higher last year.) Two years ago, Malcolm Brogdon won Rookie of the Year with 10 points and three rebounds a game, but now Lonzo is 11-7-7 and he’s a bust?

“I’m a Lonzo fan. I think if you just let him play and not worry about if he can shoot or not, I think you will see a player that knows how and wants to play a complete game of basketball. Same thing with Kyle Kuzma. I liked him in college but didn’t know how skilled he was until I played against him in the NBA. Josh Hart, same thing.”

Lonzo certainly took a lot of heat and criticism during his rookie campaign. Some of it was his play, a lot of it was animosity towards his father LaVar Ball. Ball ended the season averaging 11 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists per game despite all of the criticism. This offseason, Ball has taken major strides in adding weight to his frame — improving his ability to get to the rim.

As far as comparing to Westbrook, Lonzo would have to increase his motor and athletic ability to match Russ. Lonzo is a pass first point guard and Westbrook requires the ball more. Lonzo has superstar upside, but a comparison to Westbrook solely based off his shooting percentage isn’t accurate.

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