The Daily Target 8/11

The Daily Target 8/11


The Daily Target 8/11


Last Night: Tigers 5, Twins 3 – Ervin Santana was rattled a bit early, and the Twins couldn’t overcome the deficit. Apparently, according to Santana it was all the front offices fault, though, for trading away players. A reminder, the Twins were 9 games out at the deadline, and this was before Erv came back and started botching games.

Twins Daily – Q&A: Offseason Plans, Molitor’s Status and Much More – A common theme among these types of things is readers asking about the manager’s status, and the writer telling them the problem isn’t management, but rather far more nebulous than we care to believe.

Roster Rundown: The Twins made a few maneuvers, placing the extremely effective Adalberto Mejia on the DL to start, then filling his and Fernando Rodney’s spots with Tyler Duffey and Tyler Austin. It’s coming soon, but hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the Twins will also be purchasing the contract of Kohl Stewart, who will debut tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in Fort Myers, Michael Pineda is beginning his rehab, which is also tremendous news.

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