WWE Legend Jerry Lawler Disputes Official Story Of Son Brian Christopher's Death

WWE Legend Jerry Lawler Disputes Official Story Of Son Brian Christopher's Death

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WWE Legend Jerry Lawler Disputes Official Story Of Son Brian Christopher's Death


The recent death of former WWE tag team champion Brian Christopher is still the talk of the pro wrestling world. Many fans have expressed their condolences to his family, especially to his father, WWE legend Jerry “The King” Lawler.

But this story appears to be far from over. Lawler recently spoke to WMC Action News 5 in Memphis about his son’s apparent suicide, including his doubts over the official story.

“This has been a nightmare, as you can imagine, from the moment I got the call saying that Brian hung himself,” Jerry said.”Brian being my son, I knew him, everybody around him who knew him and they all have expressed doubts,”

WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Ted Hansom, Jerry Lawler’s attorney, also spoke on the matter.

“We’ve received literally countless calls, text messages from people, actual eyewitnesses, that were in the jail and saw things that happened on the actual day that Brian died that now has opened up a new can of worms,” Jerry said. “It just doesn’t seem like it was suicide.”

Brian Christopher, real name Brian Lawler, had been arrested in early July on a DUI charge and was being held in the Hardeman County Jail. Fans were surprised by the new of his arrest but many of those fans were also aware of Brian’s long history of issues outside of the ring.

Hardeman County Sheriff John Dooleman had supposedly placed Brian in a cell alone, presumably because of the former WWE Superstar’s level of fame. But Jerry claims that was not the case, that Brian was indeed in a cell with other inmates.

Lawler says that Brian got in a fight and was struck in the head, causing him to require medical attention. But Brian supposedly did not receive that attention. Jerry was told just hours later that Brian had hung himself.

“It just doesn’t pass the smell test,” Jerry said.

Photo: WWE

Brian competed in WWE from 1997 to 2001 and later returned in 2004 for a very brief stint. He was best known for his run as Grandmaster Sexay and along with Scotty 2 Hotty, the two were known as Too Cool. Too Cool joined forces in 1999 with Rikishi to become the hottest act in WWE at that time.

The investigation into Brian’s death is still ongoing and Jerry Lawler says he will not stop until he knows precisely what happened.

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