We're Number Four (Sad Trombone Music)

We're Number Four (Sad Trombone Music)


We're Number Four (Sad Trombone Music)


No, no … really. I’m happy the Mets won. Better draft pick? We’re drafting under slot anyway.

Noah Syndergaard made it through seven innings, giving up three runs along with seven hits and two walks, after which Robert Gsellman and Seth Lugo (in that order) finished off the game. Go figure about baseball, eh? Syndergaard, judged by his own standards and bravado, has had an okay season, yet he’s 8-2. Jacob deGrom is having a season worthy of sainthood, and he’s 6-184. Baseball is a funny game.

But if there’s anything to Syndergaard’s season to marvel at, it’s his consistency. There have only been two starts where he has given up more than three runs. First start of the year, and the start before Sunday against the Reds. And in the five starts where he lasted less than six innings, he only gave up six earned runs in 19 and 2/3’s (2.74 ERA). with 32 K’s. He has had some starts where he has labored, but he’s never been terrible. In a season after he missed most of the previous season, that’s pretty damn good. The problem is that he’s had a season that we would have expected more from Jason Vargas than from Noah Syndergaard. But that shouldn’t detract from what Noah has done this year.

It should detract from what Vargas has done this year, but at this point there’s nothing to detract.

My favorite moment from Sunday’s win might be Gary Cohen reacting to Jose Reyes’ key two run homer by calling him “former Marlin Jose Reyes”. I don’t know why that made me laugh, but I have to look for the little things now. Michael Conforto hitting a home run is nice, but Reyes’ second Met career being reduced to “former Marlin” is delicious and sad at the same time. Like that Filet-O-Fish I had at Penn Station at 11:50 PM at night while waiting for the train alone.

But hey, the Mets won two straight series, and that’s important because … well I don’t know why it’s important but cue the parade music. I’m going to be happy about something tonight, dammit.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Max Scherzer
  2. Because now you know how it feels …
  3. … to have your bullpen take something you love …
  4. … and flush it down the toilet.
  5. You like that?

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