C.J. McCollum scolds star players who chase championships

C.J. McCollum scolds star players who chase championships


C.J. McCollum scolds star players who chase championships


After C.J. McCollum’s public exchange with Kevin Durant, it is no secret that McCollum is not fond of the new NBA trend.

What trend grinds his gears? Joining the Golden State Warriors for the sole purpose of chasing championships. In the past three seasons, the motivation to sign with a group of star players has taken over the NBA — which has changed the league as a whole.

McCollum went on China Central Television  to air out his thoughts on the current state of ring chasing.

“I would never do anything of that nature, I think that’s disgusting… I was not built like those guys, I was raised differently.”

“I think some players will take that route, but most guys have too much pride, they want to do well or certain organizations that are not going to jump the bandwagon.”

It has already been known that Kevin Durant’s move to Golden State rubbed many people in and out of the league the wrong way. NBA players have even mocked players who join Golden State recently.

But, the heat intensified on Golden State when DeMarcus Cousins decided to take a massive pay cut to join the Warriors. Despite that backlash, Cousins insists it was the smartest move he could have made.

The ring-chasing era in the NBA has created one of the best teams ever assembled in NBA history. But, skepticism about the trend has pointed to lack of parity throughout the league. Outside of around four teams, the rest of the NBA doesn’t have much of a shot of competing for a title.


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