Mets Score 30 Runs ... And Somehow Lose A Game In The Process

Mets Score 30 Runs ... And Somehow Lose A Game In The Process


Mets Score 30 Runs ... And Somehow Lose A Game In The Process


Think of the absurdity of that title. If you score 30 runs in a day, you’re supposed to win. If you score 30 runs in the span of 8 hours, you’re supposed to win two games. (Or one if Steve Trachsel is pitching.) The Mets would have won two games if Steven Matz had been the Steven Matz we all dream he can be. Or even the Steven Matz in the month before he got hurt.

But we love baseball in its absurdity. It’s the Mets, so you know they excel at the absurd. They win a game 24-4 after losing a game 25-4 just weeks ago. They score 30 runs in a doubleheader and only win one game. Jerry Blevins gets a hit off of Scott Kingery. (No, that isn’t one of my mistakes that I make at 3:30 in the morning because I’m dead tired … Jerry Blevins got a hit off of Scott Kingery. I promise.) These things aren’t supposed to happen. But they do because it’s the Mets. They do because it’s baseball. We love baseball for these absurdities. We love baseball for baseball. We don’t love baseball for point spreads, or for betting lines, or for who is throwing shade at who or what somebody wears in the post-game news conference. We love you, baseball, for who you are.

Well, if you’re a Mets fan you might hate baseball because of who baseball is, which is a mean sonofabitch sometimes. But when it comes to baseball, hate is just perverse love. And that brings me to:

Today’s Hate List


I mean … whatever. Games are on Facebook, Games are on ESPN. Games are on FOX. It shouldn’t be a big surprise at this point. I shut it all out just like I shut out the excessive complaining about games being on Facebook or ESPN or FOX.

But jeez … with the Mets up a million runs and their fans happy for the first time in two years, was that really the time to give us a video montage of Beltran, Glavine, Ryan Church, Alex Gordon, and Daniel Murphy’s error in Game 4? And then back it up the next half inning with a montage of the Phillies in 2007 and 2008 with no clips of them missing the playoffs from 2011 on? I mean, national announcers want to bash the Mets? It isn’t as if the Mets don’t deserve it sometimes. But video montages to that effect means you put some thought into it hours before the first pitch! That’s awful!!!

And note to Scott Braun, who after Brandon Nimmo got hit on the finger on a swing and had to leave the game, said “well you don’t see that every day”. YES WE DO!!! WE SEE IT EVERY DAMN DAY!!! SOMEBODY IS LYING ON THE FIELD IN PAIN OR DEATH EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

Oh, and the “Let’s Go Phillies” kid for seven innings straight during the second game which I can’t even blame Facebook for. Can we turn down the field mic on that one?

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