The Daily Target 8/19/18

The Daily Target 8/19/18


The Daily Target 8/19/18


Last Night: Detroit 7, Twins 5 – The Twins clubbed 4 home runs, but three of them were solo shots, with left them vulnerable to a more organized Tiger attack, so when the Kitties got a 3 run shot from Mikie Mahtook, that’s all they needed. Mike Mahtook is batting .189 going into today, so it was exceptionally frustrating that that is what did the Twins in. Heck, it’s frustrating that the Tigers were able to do that at all.

Pioneer Press: Twins’ Ervin Santana returns to disabled list with finger discomfort – Oh darn.

Roster Rundown: In order to make up the roster spot with Santana going on the DL, the Twins brought Alan Busenitz back up. Then, Robbie Grossman needed a spot back on the roster, and they designated Johnny Field for assignment. Poor Johnny Field, who I’m still not 100% sure was a real person.

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