Channing Frye believes Lakers have NBA's most talented young core

Kyle Kuzma, Lakers

Channing Frye believes Lakers have NBA's most talented young core


Channing Frye believes Lakers have NBA's most talented young core


In the last couple of seasons,  the Los Angeles Lakers through the draft have put in place some promising young talent on the roster.

Beyond the addition of LeBron James to the fold this offseason, there has been much excitement about what their young core group could bring to the table. During a recent Q&A with Erik García Gundersen of LeBron Wire, Cleveland Cavaliers forward Channing Fyre voiced that he believes that the Lakers have the best young assortment of talent.

I’ll tell you this: they’re arguably the most talented group in the NBA. And I mean talented in terms of experience, years playing in the Western Conference and they’re overall position.

I think the thing they’re going to come to and I think a lot of guys are going to have to deal with this. There’s who you expect to be and then who you are when you play with LeBron. It’s two different things. I don’t know if they truly understand what it’s like to play with him because there is no room for mistakes. Because in all actuality, he could do it himself. He could lead a team to 40 wins by himself. I think for all of them they’re going to have to have a reality check, not only them but the people around them. There’s going to say, not a growing period, but a humility.

Fyre had spent the second half of last season with Los Angeles after being acquired at the trade deadline from the Cavaliers. This gave him the first-hand experience of what their young core brings to the table on a nightly basis.

The Lakers have assembled a young core group of Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, and Josh Hart, who have each shown flashes of promise. There is an opportunity in front of them to show some significant growth in their respective games with James. As Frye points out, it will require them to adjust a bit to play alongside the four-time league MVP, but it is an opportunity to not only grow as players but experience much success along the way.

If Los Angeles hopes to take the next step forward, it will need to their young core group to be major factors on the floor while showing a tremendous amount of growth starting with the 2018-19 campaign.

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