Former WWE Superstar CM Punk Offered A Deal To Appear At Cody Rhodes' 'All In' Event

Former WWE Superstar CM Punk Offered A Deal To Appear At Cody Rhodes' 'All In' Event

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Former WWE Superstar CM Punk Offered A Deal To Appear At Cody Rhodes' 'All In' Event


Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks continue to thrive in their corner of the pro wrestling industry. Of course many fans would agree that corner has become much more substantial over the past several months.

That’s due in large part to ALL IN, the trio’s first effort at a live event outside of any major pro wrestling company. ALL IN takes place on September 1 and the card is primed with some top level main event matches, including IWGP champion Kenny Omega versus Pentagon Jr and Cody challenging Nick Aldis for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

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But one name that has not been booked is CM Punk. Many fans were hopeful that the Chicago native would make an appearance in his hometown for ALL IN but so far, those hopes seem to be in vain. However it’s not due to a lack of effort from Cody and the Bucks.

Cody Rhodes recently spoke to Wrestling Inc about The Second City Saint and whether or not there was any interest in booking him for ALL IN.

“Yes, I mean I talked to [Punk] just vaguely,” Rhodes said. “He even at one point said ‘nobody’s asked me — hey here’s how much we’ll pay you and here’s who you’ll wrestle”

Rhodes went on to say that an actual offer was indeed given to Punk.

“Matt [Jackson] actually made a full offer or full pitch for his services and I think Punk is focused on the Mixed Martial Arts element of his career. One of the reasons we didn’t first come out and say, ‘here’s who we want you to wrestle,’ because I think we just wanted him to be a part of the event for a lot of fans, he’s captured their imagination even with the amount of time he’s been gone. He has a mythical presence to them. I thought it would be good for him to connect with them, but that’s me, you know?”


This news may disappoint many of Punk’s fans but Cody seems to be taking a very level headed approach to Punk’s refusal.

“Nobody owns Punk but Punk, so if he wants to do Mixed Martial Arts, go for it. He was always very nice to me and helpful to me in OVW. I always looked at All In with the perspective that it’s about the present and future of the industry and not really about cheap pops, even though I’m sure they’ll be plenty of those on the show. Matt had reached out to [Punk] and made him a real offer. I think Punk is set on not being part of it.”

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