Giancarlo Stanton: "I'm Sick of the Negativity"

Giancarlo Stanton: "I'm Sick of the Negativity"


Giancarlo Stanton: "I'm Sick of the Negativity"


No one would blame Giancarlo Stanton for coming to the Yankees and leaving the stormy seas that have become the Miami Marlins. But he is tired of hearing about the Marlins’ woes.

“I want things positive down there,” Stanton said, according to ESPN. “Hopefully it’ll start to happen. But everyone always associates me with negativity there. I’m sick of that, and done with that. This is a great city. It’s got great potential. I hope it switches.”

So tonight Stanton returns to Miami to face the Marlins focusing on the positive. Hitting career home run number 300 in front of Miami fans would be special. If he does it, he would reach the milestone faster than Alex Rodriguez. This is game number 1,110 for Stanton. Rodriguez hit number 300 in 1,117.

Manager Aaron Boone expects a large crowd to see if he gets it done. “I’m sure they’ll fill the place up pretty well,” Boone said, also according to ESPN. “Obviously just the Yankees alone usually do pretty well, but when you add Giancarlo, one of the superstars of the sport that’s been so big there, I would imagine there will be a little buzz around it.”

In a sense, tonight completes the transition for Stanton. It is a surreal situation. The reality will set in for Marlins fans when he comes out of the dugout in a Yankees uniform. It’s like introducing your new girlfriend to your old one. Now she knows you are really gone.

And Stanton has stepped it up for his new team, carrying the load since Aaron Judge went out. He has nine home runs and a .300 batting average since July 27.

He knows that he has a chance with the Yankees to build something that he never truly had a chance to build with the Marlins. He can build a legacy.

“Usually legacy has to do with winning, in my view,” he said.

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