Nick Young throws shade at Jordan Brand

Nick Young throws shade at Jordan Brand


Nick Young throws shade at Jordan Brand


In basketball culture, it is no secret that Jordan Brand sneakers are sought after, and have been for over two decades. Why is that? Michael Jordan is known as one of the best athletes in American sports history, so of course his products sell.

But, 20 years later — former Warriors guard and current free agent Nick Young thinks they need to be spiced up.

He could be raising a good point, since the marquee line of Jordan shoes are the retro versions Michael Jordan used in his playing days.

But, to keep everything simple in terms of business — if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. According to Forbes Magazine, Jordan brand is worth over $1.6 billion as a company. So, not updating newer models of Jordan Brand sneakers may not be needed.

In this same article, the brand made a $350 million dollar jump in networth in just the past year. To put that into perspective, the Charlotte Hornets are worth $1.05 billion as a franchise.

In the end, the Jordan Brand may not manufacture new shoes in this day and age, but the nostalgia of the Jordan era continues to bring in the brinks trucks.

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