Chris Jericho Is Open To A Run In Ring Of Honor And Impact Wrestling

Chris Jericho Is Open To A Run In Ring Of Honor And Impact Wrestling

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Chris Jericho Is Open To A Run In Ring Of Honor And Impact Wrestling


Chris Jericho is one of the most popular and successful pro wrestlers working in the business today. He also happens to be free of any full-time commitments, which means he can come and go as he pleases. Y2J is giving new meaning to the term “independent contractor.”

So even though many WWE fans would love to see him come back, many more are also wondering if he will ever do business with either Ring of Honor or Impact Wrestling. The answer to both of those questions just happens to be yes.

Jericho recently appeared on James Ellsworth’s DuhCast podcast and spoke about possibly working for Impact or ROH.

“When someone says, ‘Would you ever go to IMPACT? Would you ever go to Ring Of Honor? Would you ever go here there or wherever? Yeah sure, why not? If its creatively satisfying, if it’s something that I can really sink my teeth into, something that I can really enjoy, then why wouldn’t I give it a try?”

This news may come as a surprise to some fans, who likely believed that Jericho’s heart was still with Vince McMahon’s company. Chris addressed those concerns as well.

“At this point, I’ve done everything I could ever do in wrestling. I have a loyalty to WWE but not a death wish with them or anything like that where by hook or by crook I have to be with the WWE. I think part of the fun of what’s going on right now in the business is there’s a real resurgence with independent wrestling and independent companies and it really gives the WWE a real kick in the ass when people go other places.”

But does that mean that Y2J has perhaps had some discussions with Impact Wrestling?

“So I haven’t spoken to anybody at TNA and I’m not saying I would ever go there but I’m not saying I wouldn’t, and I’m not saying I wouldn’t go to WWE or I wouldn’t go to New Japan or go wherever. To me, it’s all about helping to change the business in a lot of ways and if there’s a way to do it by being a little bit of a ‘revolutionary’, then why not? Let’s go for it, man.”

Chris Jericho has worked twice in 2018 for New Japan Pro Wrestling. The first of the two bouts was against Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12 on January 4. The second match was against Tetsuya Naito on June 9 at Dominion. Jericho won the IWGP Intercontinental Championship in that match but has yet to defend it New Japan.

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