Martin Brodeur's time with the Blues has ended

Martin Brodeur's time with the Blues has ended


Martin Brodeur's time with the Blues has ended


Martin Brodeur is no longer with the St. Louis Blues. After serving as the Assistant GM for the Blues over the past three years, Brodeur has decided to move on after his contract ended in June.

As seen on The Score, Brodeur reportedly planned to return to the Blues, but has evidently changed his mind. In June, Brodeur discussed the possibility of taking on a GM job with a new team, but he mostly dismissed the idea in favor of spending more time with family.

However, it’s highly unlikely that Brodeur’s time in the NHL is over. Most have connected Brodeur with the New Jersey Devils ever since he accepted a front office position. Now that he’s available, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him back with the Devils in some sort of role in the near future.

What kind of impact will this have on the Blues? Hopefully not a negative one fans see on the ice. Previously, Jake Allen benefited from having Brodeur around to help straighten out his game when he was struggling. Though Brodeur wasn’t the team’s goalie coach, having his insight around was a huge advantage when the team’s goalies had a question or wanted to talk goaltending. With Brodeur gone and the pretty reliable Carter Hutton on a new team, here’s hoping that Allen still has a reliable resource to go to should he stumble.

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