Peter Alonso's Agents Are Pissed

Peter Alonso's Agents Are Pissed


Peter Alonso's Agents Are Pissed


Because the Mets haven’t been involved in any sort of controversy in about thirty minutes, we have the story of Peter Alonso toiling in the minor leagues. The Mets have consistently said that they’re not bringing him up this season. It was a line of thinking reiterated today by one of the Mets’ 643,829 general managers, John Ricco:

“To have Pete come up and sit when we looked at it, it just didn’t make sense. As much as we’d love to reward him for the season he had and the work he’s done, we think it’s more beneficial for him to get some rest and see what the fall plan for him will be.”

Honestly, I wasn’t all that upset that Alonso wasn’t coming up this season. September at-bats against September call-ups tell you nothing about anything. I do, however, want to see him be the starting first baseman out of camp as he was drafted as an advanced college bat who was drafted to make a fast track. But the Mets will probably wait until the Super 2 deadline and put Jay Bruce at first base to begin the season. Knowing the way the Mets do business probably spurred Alonso’s agents to release a statement of disdain:

The agents are correct also. People should be rewarded for performance and effort. Hell, if effort counted for anything in this world I probably wouldn’t be so bitter. But then … PLOT TWIST! Things got feisty as WFAN host Chris Carlin blasted the agents, prompting a response from Alonso himself:

Snap. Snap.

While I get what Carlin is saying, I can’t help but think that this organization needs to be on blast for things like this. They go through their daily lives thinking they’re smarter than everyone else because they’re picking up players based on value, but it only means they’re being cheap. What are the Wilpons going to do at this point? Trade Alonso out of spite because his agents are engaging in “bad business”? They’re just speaking the Mets’ language.

Trade Alonso? Good luck retaining the last shred of good will from Mets fans that you have left.

Another day in paradise.

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