Shawn Michaels Reportedly Coming Out Of Retirement For One More WWE Match

Shawn Michaels Reportedly Coming Out Of Retirement For One More WWE Match

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Shawn Michaels Reportedly Coming Out Of Retirement For One More WWE Match


At the previous Raw in Columbus, Ohio, Shawn Michaels come to the ring to cut a promo regarding the upcoming Undertaker vs. Triple H match at Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia on October 6. HBK gave his prediction of who is going to win the match, which was Triple H. HBK feels that Triple H still has what it takes to go in the ring full speed, but Undertaker does not.

Out comes The Undertaker to a thunderous pop. Actually being there inside the Value City Arena in Columbus, it was certainly one of the biggest pops in the history of Raw, especially since many people were not aware that he was going to show up. Undertaker stood face to face with HBK, reminding him that he retired him at WrestleMania 26 back in 2010.

In what was expected to simply be used for a build-up for Super Show-Down, now looks to be more. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is a strong possibility that Michaels is coming out of retirement for one more match. However, this will be a tag team match, not a singles one.

The goal is for him to team with Triple H to go against Undertaker and a partner at the Saudi Arabia event on November 2. It is expected that the Saudi Arabia event will have an even bigger payout than WrestleMania, which is why WWE wants to stack the card.

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It was also stated on the Wrestling Observer Radio that Vince McMahon does not like two people pushing for a possible match if it is not scheduled to happen, such as when Steve Austin and CM Punk were teasing a feud, so the promo exchange between Undertaker retiring HBK gave an even further indication that a match is on the horizon.

On the next Raw, Mick Foley and Triple H are both scheduled to appear, which will most likely result in a face-to-face confrontation similar to Undertaker and HBK. Foley could potentially be an option to be Undertaker’s partner, but he was told by a neurologist that he could never wrestle again, which is why the plans for him and Ambrose were scrapped in 2012.

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