WWE Champion AJ Styles Reveals Which Promotion Has The Best Roster

AJ Styles

WWE Champion AJ Styles Reveals Which Promotion Has The Best Roster

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WWE Champion AJ Styles Reveals Which Promotion Has The Best Roster


AJ Styles continues to reign over SmackDown Live as the WWE champion. The Phenomenal One was a cornerstone of the company during the Brock Lesnar fiasco, in which WWE’s second biggest championship was missing in action.

Styles has been on his game and defended the title against all challengers. He has fought the best and beaten the best. He is arguably the top hand in WWE right now and he may very well be the best in the world. SmackDown is definitely the house that AJ Styles built. But when it comes to who has the best roster, does AJ believe that distinction lies with the blue brand or with Monday Night Raw?

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Amarillo.com spoke with Styles and asked what fans could expect from him at a recent event and that’s when AJ gave his take on which roster he feels is the best.

“I expect to entertain to the best of my abilities. That’s what I expect to do. I think we all do a great job of that on Smackdown Live. I think we have the best roster in WWE. It’s untouchable, especially when it comes to in-ring talent. I think the fans will enjoy that.”

Styles will face Samoa Joe at Hell in a Cell on Sunday, September 16. The WWE Championship will be on the line in what has become a deeply personal feud between the two stars.

AJ talked about the history between him and Joe, as well as their ability to take the rivalry from one company to another.

“It’s been different in the way we’re doing it now than the way we’ve ever done it before. It’s gotten a lot more personal than any other time. You’re always going to get the hard-hitting Samoa Joe and the same A.J. Styles you have over the years. It’s always a recipe for a good match.”

AJ’s upcoming match with Joe is not taking place inside Hell in a Cell but that may change before the event happens. There is one SmackDown Live left before September 16 and WWE may very well change the match on that night.

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