New OKC Thunder 'City Edition' Jerseys Appear to Have Leaked

Oklahoma City Thunder Russell Westbrook

New OKC Thunder 'City Edition' Jerseys Appear to Have Leaked


New OKC Thunder 'City Edition' Jerseys Appear to Have Leaked


The Oklahoma City Thunder are looking ahead to what will likely be a fascinating season in 2018-19.

After an underwhelming and drama-filled 2017-18 season that ended in a six-game defeat at the hands of Utah Jazz, the Oklahoma City Thunder shipped away Carmelo Anthony for Dennis Schröder and were able to retain Paul George on a four-year supermax deal.

Of course, last season also saw the debut of Nike’s take on NBA jerseys with mixed results. One element of the company’s jerseys from last season was variety. Each team was given three different “core” jerseys as well as the special city edition jerseys, which were meant to represent each teams’ hometown. The Thunder had one of the league’s best statement editions, with strikingly jagged offset lettering that evokes lightning bolts — similar to the team’s name and logo.

The team’s city edition jersey, while interesting, had a bit too much going on with an overstuffed color palette of dark gray, white, off-white and egg as well as the Oklahoma City Thunder’s trademark orange and blue.

Recently, the Thunder’s new city editions for the 2018-19 season have been leaked, and the early returns are awesome (via Yahoo Sports):

As you can see, these robin’s egg blue creations have beautiful, Native American-inspired accents and lettering. The Oklahoma City Thunder’s new city editions, if these are indeed legit, will put last season’s misguided attempt at representing the city to shame.

This new example features a diamond-shaped motif that is repeated in the waist of the shorts, as well as in the lettering of “OKC” as well. Similarly, the diamonds can be found on the sides of the shorts in a stylish and colorful decoration that brings to the mind the history of Oklahoma City.

Of course, this has yet to be confirmed, but if these leaks are real then the Oklahoma City Thunder will have one of the best city editions in the league next season.

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