Jerry Jones spotted with Dez Bryant at concert

Jerry Jones spotted with Dez Bryant at concert


Jerry Jones spotted with Dez Bryant at concert


The Dallas Cowboys made a controversial decision this offseason when they decided to move on from Dez Bryant. It was not long ago that the Cowboys made him one of the highest paid players in the NFL, but they had enough of the injuries and inconsistency.

The oddest part of this whole saga is that Bryant still has not signed with a team. There have been rumors of small deals being offered, and the Cleveland Browns appeared to be the closest to signing him.

Right now, however, there is no indication of where Bryant might end up, if he even ends up with a team this season. You can never put too much stock into any encounter between Bryant and Jones, especially in a social setting, but it still raises many questions about his future.

One thing we do know about the loss of Bryant, is that the relationship with the coaches was quite strained. He has publically criticized the coaching staff, and made it clear that he had a lot more to offer, and was not getting those opportunities with the Cowboys.

Jerry Jones always likes to make sure the coaches are on the same page as him, but seeing him with Bryant after everything that happened could make for some interesting speculation if things do not get better. Regardless, the two were spotted at a Beyonce concert at AT&T Stadium on Tuesday night.

The fact of the matter is that every Cowboys coach is currently on the hot seat. It may have been a purely social function, with Jones and Bryant going from a long standing professional relationship. Under certain circumstances, however, that could grow into something else.

Given the state of the Cowboys, and the situation that Bryant currently finds himself in, this is all the fuel fans will need to start thinking about a potential reunion if things do not get better this season with these coaches.

Who knows if Bryant will ever have the same kind of impact he once did. He still needs to prove he has stayed in shape and can stay healthy, but Jones has to be thinking about the potential bargain he could come in on, with more to prove than maybe anyone else in the league.

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