David Wright Gets One Last Homestand

David Wright Gets One Last Homestand


David Wright Gets One Last Homestand


The Mets finally made the announcement that everybody was expecting, if not the one they had hoped for.

Jeffy announced that David Wright will indeed be activated on September 25th and will be available from that point forward. He will start at third base on Saturday, September 29th. (Get your tickets now.) Although there was no direct announcement of retirement, the emotion that Wright showed on the podium today certainly led you to believe that this year was it … at least in a Mets uniform before he finally said that physically his body won’t allow him to play past this year, while responding to a reporter’s question.

Of course, this wasn’t how it was supposed to end. But it must end, as all things do. The end was supposed to be happy … looking back on a World Championship or three. Instead it will be a somber farewell, imaging what should have been had it not been for spinal stenosis and all the things that it led to and led to it.

I’ve always said it, and I’ll say it again: The only thing I ever hoped for with Wright is that when the end comes, it comes with no regrets. Considering how hard he has worked for two and a half years to try to overcome a huge setback like spinal stenosis, I can’t imagine that David thinks he left anything on the table. So kudos to David for giving it a real shot. Maybe Saturday the 29th will give us one final moment to applaud.

And kudos to Jeffy for activating Wright four days earlier than I expected him to. I’m sure that money will be made up with the extra gate they’ll get that week, so good for you. (For his part, Jeffy made it clear that this had nothing to do with insurance. Uh-huh.)

See you in two weeks, David. (And I guess you too, Jose.)

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