Jeff Hardy Reportedly Injured During Match At WWE 'Hell In A Cell'

Jeff Hardy Reportedly Injured During Match At WWE 'Hell In A Cell'

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Jeff Hardy Reportedly Injured During Match At WWE 'Hell In A Cell'


As seen on the pay-per-view, Jeff Hardy performed in his first-ever Hell in a Cell match against Randy Orton. For the past few weeks, Orton has exhibited an odd obsession with Hardy, explaining on an episode of SmackDown Live that he is on a mission to rid the fans of people they love due to not feeling appreciated throughout his career.

The match at Hell in a Cell was filled with tables, ladders, chairs, and even a screwdriver. Perhaps the most stomach-turning moment of the match was when Orton used a screwdriver to insert in the hole in Hardy’s lobule, then proceeding to twist the screwdriver until Hardy gave him a low-blow.

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It has been reported via Sportskeeda that Hardy was injured during his match against Orton at the pay-per-view.

In what most expected to occur, Hardy took a wild bump in the match, swinging on the top part of the cell and missing a splash to Orton on a table. Orton capitalized on this, and pinned Hardy while he was in the process of received medical attention.

Former WWE Tag Team and Cruiserweight Champion Hurricane Helms recently tweeted a time when he was an agent in TNA, and was told by the higher-ups to inform Hardy that he was to avoid taking a major bump during a particular match. However, as expected, Hardy had different plans.

“Fun story about [Jeff Hardy]. I was agenting a cage match of his in TNA, and of course Jeff is gonna do something nuts. So while on headset, I’m told, ‘You’ve got to keep Jeff from taking these crazy bumps.’ I reply, ‘I didn’t put him in this cage. Y’all did.'”

With nearly 25 years of experience as a pro wrestler, the 41-year-old former WWE Champion has accomplished a Hall of Fame resume. As stated by the commentary team, Hardy stated that he wanted to compete in one Hell in a Cell match before he retires, which he was able to do at the pay-per-view.

With his death-defying performance style, Hardy has been nursing injuries for quite some time, and will most likely be taking some time off following his loss to Orton at Hell in a Cell. His reported injury during the match, however, could have him ending up closing his pro wrestling career like his brother Matt.

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