Best basketball shoes for wide feet

Best basketball shoes for wide feet


Best basketball shoes for wide feet


Basketball is one of the most popular sports with big names like Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Such personalities have motivated individuals to engage in this sport and get indulged in it. One of the problems that every player once encounters in lifetime is finding the right shoes.

This can particularly be an issue for players with wide feet. Here are some tips that can be followed to get the right shoes for wide feet:

  • Look for stretch materials. Shoes come in different materials. Getting the right quality and material will help you to get hands on the best product in the market. Stretchy materials like woven products are ideal for usage compared to firmer synthetic leather.
  • Look out for good brands in the market. There are high chances to find good shoes in good brands. You can even find shoes in local brands but the quality cannot be compared to international brands that have made a name in the market by providing consistent quality.
  • Size is an important factor to take into account before selecting the right basketball shoes. Get the shoes that fits your feet in order to maximize the comfort level.

Here are some basketball shoes for wide feet that have been popular in the market:


  • Adidas Harden Volume


Adidas Harden Volume is perfect in all the aspects. Traction is uniform and has a positive review by most of the users. It comes in different colors that fit the needs of different customers. However, one of the drawbacks is related to the leather toe cap which has been problematic to a number of customers.


  • Air Jordan 31


The name speaks for itself. Jordan has been pretty much impressive amongst the basketball players. Most users have rated is as one of the best products in the market. The material used is top class. The overall traction is amazing as well making it ideal for usage. It is available in a variety of colors as well making it aesthetically appealing.


  • Nike Lebron 4


This shoe has faced mixed reviews. The diverse reviews makes it doubtful for purchase. Nevertheless, the overall feedback is positive. Heavier and bigger players with wide feet need additional protection. Nike Lebron is ideal in this aspect providing sufficient cushion to the players. However, this product is not recommended for players that have narrower feet. In a nutshell, it is one of the best basketball shoes in the market that has proven its worth in terms of quality and comfort.


  • Under Armor Drive 4


With an average rating of more than 8, this is an ideal product to purchase. It uses exceptional quality material coming in different colors and design. The sole works on every kind of surface, even outdoors making it a versatile product. The overall performance of the shoes is reasonable which is good to purchase given the reasonable price. It can be one of the best products to purchase especially if you have wide feet.

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