TLM Podcast: Debating NBA Over/Unders

TLM Podcast: Debating NBA Over/Unders

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TLM Podcast: Debating NBA Over/Unders


This episode was recorded during the dog days of late August, prior to several big news stories (Lee Jenkins-to-L.A., Jimmy Butler-on-the-move?), but we hope it’s still worth a listen. As usual, I’m joined by fellow mafia members Ilia Shatashvili and Josh Cornelissen.


Introduction, Atlanta Hawks (3:00), Chicago Bulls (6:00), New York Knicks (10:10), Cleveland Cavaliers (13:20), Orlando Magic (17:40), Brooklyn Nets (25:45), Charlotte Hornets (32:15), Eastern Conference Wrap-Up (39:20), Sacramento Kings (42:20), Phoenix Suns (49:10), Memphis Grizzlies (54:00), Dallas Mavericks (60:20), Los Angeles Clippers (66:20), Portland Trail Blazers (71:10), San Antonio Spurs (76:45), Western Conference Wrap-Up and Hot Takes Galore (83:10)

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It seemed like an uglier game to play than it was to watch, what with the low temperature, the lack of hitting, and J.D. Davis double (…)

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