Week 3 Mailbag

Week 3 Mailbag


Week 3 Mailbag


What’s up Colts fans? The team is coming off an impressive 21-9 win over the Redskins, and now face an upcoming battle with the defending champs. I’m looking forward to the game in Philadelphia, something I wouldn’t have said 2 weeks ago.

Let’s see what’s on your minds…

Q: Are the Colts a comeback team or a fall apart in the 2nd half team? – Jodi

I think it’s too early to say. Coming into the season, I expected the youth on defense to put the team in a lot of spots where Andrew was just going to have to put together a late drive in order for them to win. The Cincinnati game was playing out perfectly in that regard, until Mr. Doyle fumbled. It happens. A concern for me wasn’t the defense getting beat, it was the offense growing stagnant in the 2nd half. With my start of season expectations in mind, the loss left me bummed.

This last Sunday played out differently though, thank goodness. The offense did go a bit sideways in the 2nd half, but regrouped and finished the drive to win the game this time. The defense played outstanding.

Naturally, I’m feeling much better.

Q: What one area do you think the Colts need to focus on improvement first? – Amy Louise

This is a good question, one I might’ve answered differently a week ago. What a difference a win makes, eh?

Right now, I’ll say keeping the offense going throughout games. This team isn’t good enough to have long stretches where the offense just gets shut down.

I have faith in Reich. I feel it and I read it with other fans…we’re excited.

Q: What do you notice has changed the most for the Colts over the last 2 seasons? – Richard 

Everything. Anything and everything. Thank God.

Fans are excited again. I’m excited again. This is my fourth season writing for Colts Authority. 2015 began with promise and faded, but I survived. 2016 and 2017, though, were torturous. If I’ve learned anything, it’s a heaping amount of respect for folks who keep on writing about a team like the Browns. I know it’s not easy.

As far as the team goes, what a difference a season makes. What it is this, an actual creative offense? A run game that isn’t totally predictable? A head coach who looks like he knows what he’s doing, as opposed to standing befuddled on the sidelines?

Everything is different, and everything is better, no matter what the record says at the end of the year.

Q: What are your thoughts on Vontae Davis retiring at halftime? – QC

You mean Gonetae Davis? Donetae Davis? Oh right. The left hand wanted to be free, I guess.

Anyway, for those who might’ve been busy last Sunday, former Colt and now former Buffalo Bill CB Vontae Davis literally retired at halftime of Buffalo’s game against the Chargers.

Davis later released a statement, essentially stating his body didn’t feel right, nor did his mind, leading him to take himself off the field and retire. I can respect that. NFL history is littered with guys who stayed too long. I can also guarantee you there are guys who will be lining up for your favorite team – no matter what team it is – this weekend who are feeling the exact same way Davis was. I don’t think anyone disputes this.

But here’s the problem: YOU CAN’T QUIT AT HALFTIME. I mean, seriously??? You realize you don’t have it anymore, then up and quit in the middle of the game?? This is absolutely inexcusable. You’re done after this game? Fine. Talk to the coaches in private, then stick around on the sideline and help your guys finish the game. Up and leaving is cowardly.

See you soon, Colts fans.







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