Signs point to a better team next year

Signs point to a better team next year


Signs point to a better team next year


I stumbled across a Twitter interaction between the Star Tribune’s Phil Miller, and Baseball Prospectus’ Dave Brown in the wake of Minnesota’s 15th walk off loss, and it’s such a matter of fact, simple observation that it’s almost silly that we are thinking that 2018 shows us that we should give up on this rebuild.

Oh yeah. Duh. The Twins have been aced out in 15 walk off games on top of the numerous one run games they lost that didn’t go down to the bottom of the final inning. The Twins haven’t been winning, but they’ve been competitive. Teams in this situation often show substantial impovement the following season.

If they had won 8 of those walk off losses, splitting them in half, they would currently have 80 wins, a similar record to their 2017 performance, done without the benefit of health for many of their stars, and a very down years for the future core of the team.

A little bit of luck, some health, and a return to form, and these Twins and their rebuild are right back on track.

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