Great Ways to Team Build Outside of the Office

Great Ways to Team Build Outside of the Office


Great Ways to Team Build Outside of the Office


Running an office, be it as the head boss or a senior manager, is always a challenging job. It is your responsibility to coordinate a whole office full of workers to reach their full potential and meet all the targets set for them. In order to achieve this, you need to make sure everyone is getting along and working together so that tasks can be shared, there is a positive working environment, and all the team members can get along. A great way to help this come about in your office is to find ways of team building that take your employees outside of the office and work situations. To save you the time of having to think up ideas, this handy guide will give you three ideas to get your team building creativity flowing.

Solving the problems

A fantastic way of fostering a strong bond within a team of peers to be given tasks outside of the context of their jobs to work through together. A perfect way of doing this is to book everyone into an Escape Room. This will make employees have to dive into the deep end, solving puzzles together, developing the intercommunication between all the team members and their collective problem-solving abilities. These skills will easily be transferable back in the office to help the workers you supervise complete their daily tasks and fulfill their responsibilities through working together.

Letting off steam

Of course, not all team building exercises need to be about learning transferable skills and, whilst this is an added bonus, it is important that you also employ some fun ideas to bond as a team that allows workers to let off some steam without feeling that they are there some hidden lessons to be learned. By planning fun days, you will allow employees to start becoming friends rather than just colleges, which will make for an overall more positive working environment when you do return to the office. One idea that will get everyone on board and in good spirits is to do an activity for charity together, such as a fun run, as this will mean everyone will want to be involved from the beginning.

Work together, play together

A final way you can help to strengthen the bonds between the members of your office team is to look into doing a sport together. There lots of information on how sports can be team building and suggesting that the office starts their own football or netball teams is a great way to bring people together. Even those who are not very sporty can take part by helping to support the teams as they play their games, encouraging the kind of socializing outside of work that will help the people you manage to get along better during the working week.

The goal

The main thing you want to be achieved through team building exercises is to promote friendships. Whatever job or industry you are all in, being able to work with people who you consider genuine friends can be a great way of boosting morale and work ethic.

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