Why Lebron James Joining The Lakers Is Great For The NBA

LeBron James, Lakers

Why Lebron James Joining The Lakers Is Great For The NBA


Why Lebron James Joining The Lakers Is Great For The NBA


LeBron James is changing its team for the third time in his 15-year NBA career. But why he joins the Los Angeles Lakers? Here is the answer to the Decision 3.0.

Basketball jersey number 23 is known with the name LeBron James, four times a four-time NBA MVP. Recently he agrees to join the Los Angeles Lakers, and it makes the Western Conference even more difficult. With this news, any LeBron movement going to change the NBA for the upcoming season completely, but his decision to go to LA could have consequences for the coming offseason.

Now let’s take a look on reasons why LeBron James is joining Lakers great for NBA.


  • Makes Lakers Relevant Again  


We will not use the word great, but we can use good as the Lakers have appeared in 31 NBA Finals and out of it, the won 15 championships of NBA. Some fans and analysts conclude that James is the greatest player to put a Lakers jersey. But they forget that Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant, Gail Goodrich, Elgin Baylor, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Jerry West, James Worthy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Jamaal Wilkes have their retired jerseys. That’s why James will also expect to win championships there, too.


  • Warriors Have Competition


Now, the Lakers have LeBron, but they still will not be favored even in their home state or in the West.

Even the Warriors 3-peat champions were the record-setting team in the regular season. James, Houston are some other presents another hurdle.

The likely second-round matchups in the West are fantastic. You could get Houston-Los Angeles and Golden State-Oklahoma City. James makes that race even more competitive as 6 out of 7 players in last year’s National Basketball Association Most Valuable Player voting now play in the West.


  • Re-Ignites Lakers Vs. Celtics


Cavs owner Dan Gilbert helped the recovery of the NBA’s greatest competition by trading Irving to Boston for Isaiah Thomas and then trading Thomas to Los Angeles. Now, we could probably get a Finals series with James and Irving standing across from each other at some point.  The NBA can sell Lakers-Celtics since 1962 when the franchises first met in the NBA Finals. It is a generational battle that always leaves an impact, and nothing changes with Magic Johnson and Danny Ainge pulling strings and the scenario between Irving and James.


  • Back To The Future In The East  


Now the time feels like the 1980s east again as the conference finals could potentially be Sixers-Celtics and Warriors-Lakers. Even the non-LeBron team will represent the Eastern Conference and in the last season of NBA Boston reaching the Finals. Every NBA Finals combination works, and that comes with three classic brands.  


  • James Writes His Verses


James is in the NBA for 15 years and a four-time NBA MVP during these 15 years. He changed its team for the third time. The move to LA creates another exciting plot twist with those legacy discussions. He did not build a super team, and he is facing the Warriors head-on in their conversation. Under the brightest possible spotlight, he is taking on a much different challenge. James was willing to accept all of that, which intimates that he is not even close to done yet.

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