Former WWE Star Neville Is No Longer Responding To Wrestling Promoters

Former WWE Star Neville Is No Longer Responding To Wrestling Promoters

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Former WWE Star Neville Is No Longer Responding To Wrestling Promoters


Former WWE Cruiserweight champion Neville has not been seen in Vince McMahon’s company for nearly a year. The Man That Gravity Forgot was once one of the industry’s brightest stars but he has yet to shine again in a WWE ring.

The events that led to Neville’s departure have been the subject of debate over the past several months though the real truth has been somewhat unclear. Did he really leave WWE because of Enzo Amore? Or was there more to the story? Is he still under contract with the company or is he now a free agent?

Photo: WWE

Now the situation has taken a new twist. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via Cultaholic), Neville has gone quiet. He’s not talking to promoters or apparently anyone else for that matter.

The  Wrestling Observer’s Dave Melter recently addressed the drama surrounding The King of the Cruiserweights.

“People ask about Neville all the time and this is the situation as best we can tell. WWE said that he is free and clear and can wrestle anywhere. He was in talks with some promotions but told them he wasn’t ready to start yet, citing legal issues. He’s then completely gone off the grid and hasn’t responded to promoters as best we can tell. Will Ospreay wanted to do a singles match with him at Wrestle Kingdom but we have no idea if he’s up for that or anything in wrestling right now”

Does Neville’s silence mean he could be on his way back to WWE? If he and the company have indeed come to terms on a new deal, that could explain why he’s no longer speaking to promoters.

Photo: WWE

Or does this mean that Neville has reached an agreement with another company? Many fans would love to see him in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Could he actually sign with the company and perhaps even join The Bullet Club?

Of course it could be that Neville is done for now. Maybe he’s taking a break and he’s waiting for the right time to return. While fans continue to speculate on what comes next, it’s obvious that this ever-changing story is far from over.

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