WWE Announcer Robbed At 7-Eleven Store

WWE Announcer Robbed At 7-Eleven Store

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WWE Announcer Robbed At 7-Eleven Store


WWE NXT announcer Kayla Braxton is a little lighter in the wallet following a recent visit to an Orlando area 7-Eleven store. She is claiming that an employee of a store she went to stole her wallet and the cash inside of it.

That is a serious accusation but there must be some sort of proof to back up her claims. To this point, the retail chain has not issued a statement in response.

Braxton did not specify which store she visited, only to say it is in Orlando. A check reveals there are 107 7-Eleven store locations in that city.

Braxton is fairly new to WWE, working as a ring announcer and backstage correspondent on NXT. She’s also been featured recently as the ring announcer during the Mae Young Classic.

A graduate of Belmont University with a degree in broadcast journalism, Braxton worked for WESH 2 News in Orlando prior to coming to WWE. She’s the latest young, attractive female that WWE has pegged for the position of NXT ring announcer for several years. She replaced Dasha Fuentes when Fuentes was moved up to the SmackDown brand.

As her tweet reads, Braxton reported to police that the employee stole her wallet and tossed it in the dumpster. The wallet was retrieved, but was missing an undisclosed amount of cash inside.

Needless to say, that is a terrible experience for anyone looking to make a quick stop in a retail outlet. Hopefully the massive, national chain will reach out to her and make things right, if these allegations are indeed true.

It remains to be seen what will happen with this situation, but it’s an interesting one to monitor.

For Braxton, she might not swear of 7-Eleven stores in general, but she’ll likely never make a stop at that particular one again.


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