How the Warriors' superteam helped the Boston Celtics

How the Warriors' superteam helped the Boston Celtics


How the Warriors' superteam helped the Boston Celtics


The Boston Celtics are gearing up for their most important season since beginning their rebuild, with everything ready to fall into place for a championship run.

They have their established veteran talent that is good enough to carry a team, the young talent who have proven they can contribute on the biggest stage and a bench that is ready to prove that it is better than many starting lineups.

The Celtics are healthy and they have the coach to back them up. All that is left is actualizing everything they have put together, and there is no reason to doubt Stevens can get these players where he needs to be.

During this rebuild, almost everything has gone right for the Celtics and it has been executed faster than anyone could have anticipated. The front office has done a masterful job of getting them into this position while making sure they have the right people to execute everything with the rebuild culminating.

There were a lot of different things that went into this rebuild, and helped get the Celtics to where they are now. While many fans like to complain about how the Warriors have ruined the NBA with their super team, there are many ways the Celtics have actually benefited.

In the end, the Warriors have made it much harder for any team to win a championship,  because they have raised the standard to new heights. Even so, here are three different ways the Warriors have helped the Celtics during the process of this rebuild and a dominating era in the NBA.

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