Jerry Jones somehow believes Cowboys', Rams' offenses are similar

Jerry Jones somehow believes Cowboys', Rams' offenses are similar


Jerry Jones somehow believes Cowboys', Rams' offenses are similar


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones delivered a hot take for the ages on Friday.

After watching the Rams dismantle the Vikings — who fielded the No. 1 defense in the NFL last season — Jones felt inspired to talk about the Cowboys offense. The Rams, after all, racked up 565 yards in Thursday’s 38-31 win, with quarterback Jared Goff throwing for five touchdowns.

The Cowboys offense, on the other hand, has looked inept this season. Quarterback Dak Prescott has failed to eclipse more than 170 passing yards this season, and appears to resemble a game-manager, more than a game-winner. Yet Jones believes the Cowboys and Rams offenses are similar, which he said on a radio appearance Friday.

“Well, I like our offensive line when it stacks up against the Rams, or, to be specific, since we’re comparing the Rams, but I like our offensive line,” Jones said, via 105.3 The Fan. “I think it’s fair to say we’ve got good running backs.

“The quarterback — I remember Goff when he first came in, they moved him along at a little slower pace than Dak got to come in — but I know that we’ve been just as proud of Dak as those that are Rams fans that are proud of their quarterback. We’ve done that and had that feeling in the past. So when I see them executing in a way that creates the offense they got, I look at our personnel — I don’t have to reach to basically see that.”

The two offenses aren’t even close to similar. The Cowboys run to set up the pass, and if Ezekiel Elliott isn’t having success, then the team fails to move the football. The Rams are balanced, and they have a dynamic passing attack, loaded with offensive weapons. As for the Cowboys, they have Elliott, and that’s about it.

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